A Little Nudge

Do you know about Erika Ettin?, She owns a company called A Little Nudge, you should go and take a look at her site. She’s so nice and wonderful to work with. Erika is based in Washington, DC , but works with people from all over.

A little bit about Erika and her company, She is a dating coach and helps people through the process of  online dating; we all know that it can be a little difficult to get started and get good results. She will help you with your profile and any other assistance you may need along the way whether it being picking potential matches, or date planning and she may give you some great advice too!

A while ago she was in New York and we went out for a quick dinner before she had an event to go to.  At this point we had only ever talked on the phone. Erika is the type of person that when you meet her you feel like you instantly have known her forever, this is probably why she is amazing at what she does. I felt like Erika and I were old friends that just haven’t seen each other in years, We had a lot of fun just sitting and talking! I can’t wait to do it again!

What was really awesome was that she gave me a copy of her book “Love at First Site” and signed it for me.  So now I have my very own personalized copy!

That evening I got home and started to read it, my first thought was, “wow, this sounds just like Erika.”  It was so well written and so helpful.  There are a ton of tips and pointers, which are so great as well as things I wouldn’t have even thought were as important as they seem to be. I definitely learned a lot about Online Dating from her book!  I also liked that she had a bunch of personalized stories, I had a lot of fun reading those and really made me think about a situation where someone would be able to put that into good use!


Sorry that my book is a little bent and dirty, I was reading it!

You can buy her book here from Amazon:

Love at First Site: Tips and Tales for 
Online Dating Success from a 
Modern-Day Matchmaker